360 Degree Feedback

Increase Self-Awareness

360 Degree Feedback provides valuable information on an individual or team’s strengths and development opportunities. It can be used independently or as part of another development initiative, such as a training course or 1:1 coaching relationship.

Where We Can Assist

Loxton Consulting Group will professionally manage all stages of your 360 Degree Feedback project. Whether it involves one individual, a team, management levels across a division or professionals across your entire organisation.
Providing the total package, we ensure everything is straightforward for all parties involved and that the process runs smoothly and to time, including:

  • Introducing the 360 project and briefing subjects and respondents.
  • Designing the online questionnaire, ensuring it asks the right questions.
  • Online data collation from every source with whom the individual or team interact.
  • Producing comprehensive, meaningful reports.
  • Debriefing the reports and supporting participants in understanding and acting upon the feedback provided.

Assessment can be made either against your organisation’s own competencies or against generic ones that we will provide, for example in the area of Leadership.

Planning Your 360 Project

A critical first step is to plan your 360 project thoroughly. Areas to consider include: 

  • Defining your objective(s). Why are you doing the 360? What will the benefits be?
  • Deciding how the output will be used. Be careful of raising expectations with the 360 and then not following through.
  • Setting a realistic timetable for the project. This needs to include getting buy-in and briefing everyone.
  • Developing the right questions. Avoid producing too much data to absorb and taking up a lot of time in completing it.
  • Identifying the respondent groups. Consider getting feedback from external people as well as people within your organisation, for example, customers.


Respondent & Subject Briefing

The subject of the 360 and all respondents should be briefed (verbally or emailed a briefing document) so that the feedback they provide is accurate and specific.
Additionally, any concerns they may have should be addressed. For example, respondents may be anxious about confidentiality and the use of the information provided.  

Feedback Completion

Everyone participating will receive an email with a link to the online Feedback Questionnaire. Respondents simply follow the link, indicate their relationship to the subject from the options provided (i.e. Manager / Direct Report / Colleague / Customer) and complete the questions, adding comments and examples as they wish.
To keep your project on track, it’s a good idea to set a completion date.  This can be extended, if necessary, if respondents are unavailable.  
Sending follow-up emails to respondents who have not completed the Questionnaire within the timeframe is helpful in prompting them to complete it.  

Report Debriefing – A Key Step

Once the feedback window has closed, the Reports will be available comparing the views of each respondent group.
We strongly recommend that each subject attends a Report Debrief meeting. This is really valuable since it provides support in understanding the data and assists in focusing on what is most important.
It also supports formulation of a Personal Development Plan for acting on the feedback and, where appropriate, changing behaviour.


For advice and support with your 360 Degree Feedback project, please call 6232 2722 or email.