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The Complete, Fully Managed 360 Degree Feedback Service

We Have Over 25 Year's Experience In 360

Even before the internet made online 360 possible, we were administering it in paper and pencil format!

But now, our robust, efficient 360 online system makes it streamlined and available to everyone - from individuals we are coaching, to entire Divisions.

We provide the complete 360 managed service. Drawing on our experience of providing 360 in a broad range of countries,  industry sectors, and all levels and types of roles.

Loxton Consulting Group use this experience to make 360 Degree Feedback easy for you!

Specialists Who Are 100% Committed To Your Project's Success

For us, it’s not just about administering the 360. By fully understanding the context in which it is required and the specific objectives you have and outcomes you need, we can ensure that the 360 is provided in a way that is exactly right for you.

Ready To Use 360

For when you need a generic 360, we have a selection available. They cover Leadership, Management and Sales. They’re ready to go! Ideal for one-off situations where a general appraisal of performance is appropriate.

Where you need a 360 that is 100% specific to a particular role, then our Custom Designed 360’s are for you.

Custom Designed 360

Our Custom Designed 360’s are exactly that – designed for the specific project.

So, if you are assessing the effectiveness of leaders of a particular level, and want to focus on the behaviours specific to that level only, then we’ll produce a Custom Designed 360 for you.

Or if you are assessing behaviours relevant to your Core Values or to particular Competencies, Custom Designed is the 360 type you need.

Questionnaire Design

Getting the questions and statements right is critical to your 360 project. Making them concise, unambiguous and understandable. Using terms and expressions that hit the spot with your organisation’s culture, that the Raters relate to.

We ensure that two or more questions aren’t asked in one and that questions aren’t leading. We will quickly design questions, following discussion with you, that are 100% appropriate to your objectives.

Rater & Subject Briefings

Ensuring that the feedback provided is accurate, and that Raters provide narrative examples that add real value, is critical to a successful 360 Degree Feedback project. We can brief your Raters, and the Subjects of the 360, either face to face or through webinar (accessible through any internet connected device). Where a verbal, interactive, briefing is not possible a pre-recorded video can be made available specifically addressing your 360. Or written Guidelines and FAQ’s can be provided.

Total Administration

Making everything operate smoothly and seamlessly is what we do! We manage the entire project for you – Rater configuration, either through providing and collecting Excel Spreadsheets or enabling direct input into our robust system – Issuing emails with links to the questionnaire – Following up outstanding responses – Responding to questions – Providing updates on completion rates – and more! Total administration by our service oriented team!

Report Debriefing

If required, we will thoroughly and professionally debrief the 360 Reports with each Subject. Doing this in the context of their role, their aspirations and the organisational agenda that is driving the 360 project. During this meeting, which can be face to face or through FaceTime or Skype, our Development Professionals will support production of a Personal Development Plan, specific to the individual involved. We strongly recommend that each Subject has a thorough Report debrief, with an experienced coach.

Post 360 Coaching

An option, leading on from the Report Debriefing that we provide, is for our Development Professionals to conduct coaching sessions with the 360 Subjects. These 1:1 sessions, conducted face to face or through FaceTime or Skype, can focus on and provide support in implementing the Personal Development Plans produced from the original Report Debriefing and can also address other, relevant development areas.

Group Development Workshops

In addition to the 1:1 Report Debrief, we can provide the Subjects of the 360 initiative with techniques and guidance on developing their career and on personal effectiveness (for example, managing time, stress and personal motivation). We facilitate proactive, interactive group Workshops in these areas. Workshops can range in duration from a few hours to a full day, or to a number of Modules spread over several months – whatever is going to be the biggest support to your Group’s development.

Cohort Analysis

Our reporting suite enables us to provide feedback on the Cohort that was being assessed, the Subjects of your 360 Degree Feedback project. This highlights the Cohort’s strengths and development opportunities. By re-running your 360 at a later date, we can compare the same Cohort’s results, over time, to assess their development. Additionally different Cohorts can be compared.

Management Briefings

Getting your Senior Managers onboard before the project begins is important, and providing them with the results of the project afterwards equally so. We can assist in both situations by meeting and presenting directly to your most Senior Team. As business professionals we have the gravitas and credibility, and the technical knowledge of 360, to achieve the right level of rapport and convey information succinctly and in a way relevant to the group present.

Easy To Understand Reports

Yes, our Reports are comprehensive, and yes, they do provide a lot of data. Importantly, they are also clear and easy to understand. No PhD in Maths required! All the coloured bars you need, all the narrative together in the right places, summarised tables, detailed back-up, and a Personal Development Plan template.

Current Only Or Current vs Required Performance Measurement

Sometimes it’s appropriate to measure both current effectiveness, and to also learn from the Rater what the level of effectiveness is that they feel is required.

Other times, just current effectiveness is the best option. It depends on various factors. We’ll explain these to you and ensure that your project uses the approach that will get the results you need.

Strengths & Opportunities Summaries

Early on in our Reports we provide some really helpful summary tables. These highlight the Subject’s main strengths, and also their Development Opportunities.

We display information in easily digested, colour coded columns, so differences between Rater Groups, in respect of all areas assessed, are immediately obvious.

Narrative Capture

When we design the Questionnaire, we include opportunities for Raters to add narrative examples throughout. This provides the Subject with rich information that assists in them understanding the data and gaining much more than a numeric picture.

So, when the Report arrives, the data analysis, together with the narrative input provided a comprehensive document that supports development.

Summary By Rater

Of course, our comprehensive Reports show the consolidated responses from each Rater Group, and compare these in a bar chart format.

The Heat Map section of our Reports shows an entire summary, across all areas assessed, of how each Rater Group responded.

From a personalisation perspective, we can customise the Rater Group names, so if “Direct Report” isn’t the expression you use in your organisation, we can change this to your preference.

Fully Customisable Rating Scale

We provide unlimited options in terms of Rating Scales. Customising the number of options offered and also enabling the description of each option to be worded exactly as you wish.

But don’t feel you need to make these decisions alone! We will suggest to you, after understanding what you need to achieve from your 360 project and who will be involved, what, in our broad experience, is going to be right for your particular 360 Degree Feedback initiative.

Personal Development Plans

Included in our comprehensive Reports is a helpful Personal Development Plan template.

This provides a structure for identifying, prioritising and addressing the development opportunities highlighted in the Report.

It also enables Subjects to monitor their progress and to share with others, such as their Manager, the areas that they are focusing on.

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