Assessment Centres

A Powerful Way Of Identifying Strengths & Development Needs

Assessment Centres, sometimes called Development Centres, are an extremely powerful way of identifying people’s strengths and development needs. They can also provide a basis for addressing the development opportunities identified.
Most people also find the experience of participating in an Assessment Centre a learning experience in itself, heightening their self-awareness.

Examples of applications for Assessment Centres:

  • To assist in establishing a Personal Development Plan to improve performance.
  • To support people moving into new or more senior roles.
  • As part of a Graduate or management selection programme.
  • Providing information on competence in specific areas to support internal promotion decisions.


Where We Can Assist

Loxton Consulting Group handle all aspects of Assessment Centre management. This includes:

  • Assessment Centre design.
  • Management of the Assessment Centre and all administration.
  • Provision of trained assessors.
  • Reporting to meet your requirements.
  • Recommendations on development / hiring, based upon the findings from the Centre.
  • Production of Personal Development Plans.
  • Giving feedback to participants.
  • Post Assessment Centre support, for example using the information gained for development purposes.
  • Training your managers as assessors.



What Do Assessment Centres Look Like?

Typically, they are of one day’s duration and they consist of a combination of individual exercises, interviews, group exercises, Psychometric tests and sometimes 360º Feedback.

Project Stages

We conduct Assessment Centre projects in a thorough and systematic way to ensure that they meet the required objectives, are fair, consistent and measure what they are designed to measure.

These stages are:

  1. Project planning.
  2. Assessment Centre design.
  3. Assessor training.
  4. Management of the Assessment Centre.
  5. Reporting.
  6. Feedback to candidates.

For advice with your Assessment Centre projects, please call 6232 2722 or email.