Big Team Events

Team Development – For Large Groups

Do you have a Big Team, maybe a division, or even your whole company, and you need to motivate and energise them, improve morale, create bonds between people, have fun, get people networking? That’s what our Big Team Events are designed to do.
We understand the challenges associated with team building for large groups, particularly when you want to involve everyone. That’s why we have developed a specialist range of activities that are specifically designed for big groups.

We’ll take care of the unique logistical issues associated with large team events, so that everything runs smoothly, to time, is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone – and you get the results you need.
Location is no issue. We can provide events anywhere in Singapore or internationally.

Part Of Your Company Conference

Why not run a session as part of your next divisional or company conference, to get everyone working together and having fun?
We can structure it to suit your timings and the venue concerned.

Introducing Change & Developing A New Culture

Sometimes, where a division or company is introducing changes or developing its culture, it can be valuable to take people away from the workplace to explore issues, and to digest what is happening and how they fit in and can contribute.
We facilitate programmes like these, providing the key messages you need. Conveying them in a sensitive, highly professional way. Liaising closely, during the planning phase, with your senior leaders so that we fully understand the issues and your requirements.

Big Team Events


Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive, more loyal and are great ambassadors for your company.
But the 2013 Gallop survey on Employee Engagement reconfirmed previous years’ findings that just 30% of employees are actually engaged at work. It also highlighted that 52% are disengaged and 18% are actively disengaged.
Consider the productivity impact of these figures.
A Big Team event could be a very valuable addition to your employee engagement strategy. Providing the opportunity for some fun and also a vehicle for two-way dialogue.


To discuss an event for a Big Team, please call 6232 2722 or email.