Business Writing


One day or half a day.

Designed For


All leaders and professionals.​​
Everyone who is involved in written communication through email, letters or reports.


Programme Overview​

Clearly, effective written communication is critical in business. ​ ​
Ensuring that our meaning is conveyed accurately, professionally and in a way that presents the correct company image, whilst imparting a personal, client and customer focused approach.​ ​
This comprehensive business writing training programme addresses how to write clearly and concisely and in a way that responds to the needs of the reader. It provides a practical approach to modern day business writing.​ ​
Prior to delivery we will liaise with you to understand your precise requirements from the program and the needs of those attending. We will then adjust the program’s structure, if required, to focus upon the areas relevant to those attending.
An intensive, engaging and highly participative program involving working through the a-z of business written communication through the numerous examples contained in our workbook. Participants will structure their own email, letter and / or report during the program.

Areas Addressed​


How to structure emails, letters and reports.​​
Ensuring readability.​​
Understanding the reader’s perspective.​​
Sentence structure and length.​​
Paragraph usage and guidelines. ​​
Correct grammar.​​
Balancing formality with being engaging.​​
Singlish vs English.​
Proof reading.


To Book Or For More Information​

Please call us at 6232 2722 or email​​​.


Our Programmes Include

Engaging, interactive delivery style.​
​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
Content adjusted to meet your requirements.​​
Your company logo added to our materials.​​
Choice of experienced trainers.​​
We invoice per programme, not per pax.


Business Writing