Lunch & Learns

​​Coaching That Motivates

& Gets Results!


For Senior Leaders & High Potentials

Senior leaders and directors are often overlooked when it comes to development. Yet even small improvements in their performance can have a major impact on your organisation’s results.

Often, other initiatives just don’t hit the spot with them – too long, level not right, content too broad, difficulties with mixing management levels, etc.

Executive coaching, however, provides a highly effective approach to improving senior performance. Its flexibility and individual focus respond to the needs of people for whom time is critical.

Flexible To Suit Busy Schedules

​​Coaching meetings ​ generally last for ​around an hour. With a ​few weeks in between each meeting. This enables your ​leaders to consider and work on actions agreed.​

Each subsequent meeting begins with a review of progress and agreement on the objectives for the current discussion.


Duration Of Coaching To Suit The Situation - Global Reach Makes It Convenient For All Locations

The nature and length of our involvement are dependent upon individual requirements. Ranging from a single meeting, perhaps to assist with preparation for an important presentation, to a longer term development relationship where, over time, in depth exploration of topics can take place. ​

Where appropriate, we use Psychometric Profiling and 360 Degree Feedback. Extremely powerful ways of increasing awareness of own style, strengths, approach, interaction with others and development opportunities.

​If we are in different countries, we will communicate through Video Conferencing, such as Skype, so Coaching Sesssions can be conducted at a time and location convenient to you, at your office, home or wherever you are in transit to.

Our Coaching Platform Makes It Easy To Monitor Results

Each Coachee is given access to our easy to use, comprehensive Coaching Platform - their own Account.

This Account is used, in addition to the coaching conversations, to share information, set reminders and to schedule Coaching Sessions. Importantly, it is also used to document Goals, their timelines and the actions required to achieve them.

By regularly updating the Account with actions taken and milestones reached, graphs showing % achievement are automatically produced and these are valuable for motivation and for monitoring progress.

The resultant clarity, through documenting focus and progress, with regular follow up, supports our coaching clients in achieving great results!


Example Coaching Programme Structure