Conflict Management



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Leaders and professionals. ​
Project managers.​​
Team leaders.


Programme Overview​

Conflict is an inevitable feature of business. The ability to handle conflict well and pro-actively is essential for all leaders and professionals. ​
This intensive program shows you how to effectively and positively manage conflict and achieve a productive outcome.
It explores practical, non coercive approaches and techniques enabling you to work effectively with others to achieve your objectives whilst respecting and, where appropriate, supporting the achievement of theirs.
A comprehensive and highly participative conflict management training programme, designed to develop a positive mindset towards dealing with conflict and to develop the skills and techniques to handle it professionally, effectively and in a way that maintains the relationship with the other party.
A self assessment is carried out to identify preferred conflict handling style. Skills and techniques introduced are explored and practiced, with participants receiving feedback on their application.​

Areas Addressed​


The causes of conflict, its inevitability and how to see it as being positive. ​​
Recognising the different perspectives of others, based upon their style and needs. ​​
Understanding how others see you and your impact on them. ​​
Identifying and overcoming your own prejudices. ​
Adjusting your style to establish effective relationships and avoid conflict. ​​
Conflict handling styles and their application, including assessment of own style. ​​
Communicating assertively and respectfully about what you want and saying “No” constructively. ​​
Dealing with overt and covert aggression. ​​
Using Transactional Analysis to map communication and manage conflict.



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