Creative Thinking



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Designed For


Professionals who want to develop their ability to generate creative ideas.​
Leaders of all levels who would like to harness the creativity of their teams.​​
Change agents looking to improve things.​​
Intact teams who want to create together.​
Anyone requiring a creative thinking training programme.


Programme Overview​

This fun, highly interactive, creative thinking training programme provides a toolkit of techniques to improve both individual and also team creativity.​ ​
You’ll come away with a range of great approaches that will help you to identify ways of innovating, looking at things differently and making improvements in all areas of the workplace.
An engaging, fun and highly participative workshop-style program, involving specialist input to introduce each creative thinking technique, followed by sessions actually road testing and applying them.​ ​
The topics addressed can be relevant to your own organisation’s development so that there is actual output in terms of generating ideas to implement and improve things after the program. Entire teams can attend, learn and create together.​ ​
This program can be run together with our Problem Solving & Decision Making program.

Areas Addressed​

What creative thinking is.​​
Loosening up your thinking.​
Left and right brain thinking.​
Thinking in a “what could be” rather than a “what is” kind of way.​
A range of powerful creative thinking techniques – your own personal “toolkit” for generating innovative ideas.​
Techniques that teams can use to spark off and build upon each other’s ideas.


To Book Or For More Information​

Please call us at 6232 2722 or email​​​.


Our Programmes Include

Engaging, interactive delivery style.​
​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
Content adjusted to meet your requirements.​​
Your company logo added to our materials.​​
Choice of experienced trainers.​​
We invoice per programme, not per pax.