Lunch Time Talks

Learn While You Eat!

Lunchtime Talks are stimulating, 60 or 90‐minute workshops that develop critical skills in an interactive and engaging way.
They improve the performance of professionals of all levels and their content can be adjusted to suit the seniority and requirements of the group.
As the name suggests, the sessions are held at Lunchtime, and participants can eat and learn and the same time. However, these short programmes can be run at any time of the day, or early evening, whenever is convenient for those attending.

Topics Addressed

All of the topics addressed by our broad range of one and two-day programmes, of which there are over forty, can be run as a Lunchtime Talk.
Popular choices include: Creative Thinking / Personal Effectiveness / Business Writing / Feedback / Influencing / Communication Skills / Time Management.

Executive Briefings

Short 60 or 90-minute sessions are a great way of providing training to your senior leaders. We call these senior sessions “Executive Briefings.”
They can pick up the key points from particular topics of interest to them, without having to attend a full day course. We can adjust the content to focus upon the needs and interests of the senior group concerned.
Perhaps running one as part of a management meeting, over lunch or whenever best suits those with busy schedules.

Linchtime Talks


Practical, Time Efficient & Cost Effective

Because Lunchtime Talks are short, intensive, and held over lunch, participants need take only limited time away from their responsibilities to attend.
And because they’re big on technique and small on theory, time is focused on developing practical skills for immediate use.
They are also very cost effective, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from your budget. Fees are per Talk, not based upon the number of pax attending. This enables you to budget accurately, whilst inviting large numbers of people to attend. It really is a very cost effective way of developing specific skills in a large group.

Stand Alone Or To Reinforce Other Initiatives

Lunchtime Talks are effective as a stand-alone development initiative. Run one when required, or schedule a series of Talks over a few months.
Or they can be integrated with other development initiatives. For example, using them to reinforce other training that is being provided.


To schedule a Lunchtime Talk or for more information, please call 6232 2722 or email.