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​​​Leaders and professionals responsible for other’s performance. ​​​
Team leaders and project managers.​​
Anyone requiring motivation training.

Programme Overview​

Consider yourself motivated! Wouldn’t it be great if it was as easy as that? Just say the words, give the instruction and, “hey presto,” everyone’s leaving scorch marks on the tarmac.​​
Nice thought, but unfortunately not reality. There’s more to motivating people than just saying a few magic words. But it’s definitely worth the time and effort involved in getting people motivated. If we can motivate, then we can improve morale, engagement and performance, that’s the theory and the reality.​

Talking about motivation theories, there are a few that we’ll look at during this motivation training programme, more importantly we’ll explain how to apply them in the workplace.​

The objective is to raise your consciousness of how to motivate, and to highlight a range of practical motivational techniques that you can use whenever you need them.

An intensive, engaging and highly participative motivation training programme involving and exploration of a range of powerful techniques


Areas Addressed​​ ​

Famous motivation theories and how to apply them in the realities of your business environment.​
How to tune in to the other person to understand their perspective and likely motivators.​
The implications of age on how to motivate, including:​
– Motivating Baby Boomers.​

– Motivating Gen X.​

– Motivating Gen Y.​
How cultural background can impact your choice of motivation strategy and how to motivate people from different cultural backgrounds.


To Book Or For More Information​

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Our Programmes Include

Engaging, interactive delivery style.
​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
Content adjusted to meet your requirements.
Your company logo added to our materials.​
Choice of experienced trainers.​
We invoice per programme, not per pax.