Project Team Boot Camp

Successful Projects Need Successful Project Teams

Successful project delivery is critical for every organisation. But managing to time, cost and quality is difficult in any dynamic environment, particularly with a virtual or internationally spread team and demanding stakeholders.
That’s why bringing the whole team together to anticipate and address communication, cultural and working-together issues, so that they can hit the ground running, makes good commercial sense.
It will save a massive amount of wasted time and money and really contribute to getting the job done.
Why not let us have your project teams before the project starts? We’ll get them focused, understanding each other and working as a team.
If it’s too late for a pre-project workshop, because the project is already underway, no problem, we’ll pick up from where things are with them. Issues that they are facing can form part of the agenda.

Why A Boot Camp?

It doesn’t have to be a “boot camp”. We’re not going to get your people doing drills at 06.00 hours and having their kits ready for inspection. But we can certainly facilitate the introduction of critical team disciplines and protocols that will enable them to work effectively. Addressing areas such as:

  • Communication.
  • Problem escalation.
  • Decision making.
  • Meetings.
  • Reporting.
  • Information sharing.
  • Emails.
  • Time zone differences.

We can also get everyone to recognise what they personally need to do to make the project a success.
It may be that the team is fatigued and needs to step back and assess how to move forward. Or perhaps they are unclear about how to approach certain aspects of the project. Whatever the issue, we can focus upon it, facilitating the exploration of options and helping them find the most appropriate solutions.
As experienced project managers, we know the pressures and stresses that project teams face. And as experienced development professionals, we can structure and facilitate your team’s workshop to address these real issues.

Project Team Boot Camp


Workshop Objectives Content & Approach

Since workshop will be specifically designed for the team concerned. In preparing, we liaise with all relevant parties to fully understand the issues, sensitivities and requirements.
Areas that we frequently focus on with project teams include:

  • Developing understanding of cultural differences between team members.
  • Making team meetings more effective.
  • Video conferencing meetings – how to communicate through VC.
  • Developing confidence in speaking up, to contribute views and highlight issues.
  • How to say “No” in a constructive way.
  • Techniques for managing conflict.
  • Managing stakeholder relationships.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Managing time and ensuring focus on the important issues.
  • Handling stress.

We provide a range of learning approaches to engage everyone and to enable them to work as a team and address the objectives agreed.
If Psychometric Profiling is appropriate, we administer this pre-programme and then review the messages and implications on team and project performance during as the workshop progresses.

Venue & Duration

Try to give us two or three days with your team. This provides time for getting into issues and for finding workable solutions. It also enables relationships to form between team members so that working together in the future is very much easier.
However, we will work within whatever time and budget constraints you have.
We can suggest suitable venues, again, based upon your requirements.


To talk through how to get your project teams to world class standards, please call 6232 2722 or email.