Senior Team Retreats

The Ideal Solution For Senior Teams

Senior leaders face particular challenges. A major one is balancing day-to-day responsibilities with taking a more strategic view. Their proximity to business operations means that they can find themselves losing focus, as all of their attention is absorbed responding to the many calls on their time.
Additionally, liaising with senior colleagues on anything but transactional issues can be difficult, due to demanding schedules.
A Senior Team Retreat provides the opportunity to step back and to re-focus. To re-connect with senior colleagues, re-energise, re-align and to address key issues.


Individually Designed To Address Specific Requirements

Our Senior Retreats are individually designed to focus on the unique and complex needs of your senior leadership teams.
These can include:

  • Strategy development.
  • Improving senior team operation.
  • Financial and business reviews.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Succession planning.
  • That old chestnut – improving communication.
  • Manpower planning.
  • Working through relationship issues within the team.

Through liaison with everyone involved, we will structure appropriately and then professionally facilitate your Retreat.
As part of the preparation, if required, we can administer Psychometric Profiling for discussion during the Retreat. Enabling exploration of relationships within the team and understanding of the overall team profile and how this impacts performance.

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We can recommend excellent venues that are conducive to creating the right environment.

After The Retreat

After the Retreat, should it be deemed helpful, we can continue to work with the team, supporting them in implementing the plans that they have developed.
Additionally, we can provide confidential executive coaching for all or individual team members who would benefit from such a relationship.

Our Experienced, Senior Facilitators

Our Retreats are facilitated by experienced, senior consultants with personal gravitas. All have held senior positions in large corporations and have direct experience of operating at the most senior levels.
Needless to say, we observe strict confidentiality at all times.


To confidentially discuss arranging a Senior Retreat, please call 6232 2722 or email.