Strategic Thinking & Planning



Two days

Designed For​​

Leaders who have responsibility for department, division or organisation direction.
Professionals of all levels – everyone needs to think strategically.
Entire management teams may attend together to work on their collective strategy.

Programme Overview​

An effective and appropriate strategy is a critical component of any successful enterprise or operation, commercial or non-commercial.

Often, however, the strategy is a continuance of past direction, with only incremental change and success happening by default, and being limited, rather than by design, and being substantial.

Thinking can be constrained by what exists today and the barriers that appear insurmountable from the current position. One dimensional thinking can exclude major opportunities.

This workshop provides a comprehensive approach to strategic thinking and planning. It provides a complete toolkit of techniques. Addressing how to analyse current position and identify future opportunities and how to evaluate the potential value of options and the risks involved.

Valuable for individual managers and also for entire management teams who want to work collectively on their own strategy.

Areas Addressed​

What is strategy and strategic thinking?
The importance of strategic thinking from a personal and business perspective.
Aligning strategy with business objectives.
Strategic Analysis Techniques for understanding all relevant influences (internal and external) and for generating creative options.
Strategic Choice How to understand the advantages, disadvantages and risks of the options identified and how to make decisions.
Strategic Action Making things happen, including planning and monitoring tools and gaining buy-in from those involved and impacted.
Gaining Buy-In To Your Strategy Understanding what makes a successful business proposition. Using influencing skills and techniques to support your case.



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​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
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Choice of experienced trainers.​
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Strategic Thinking & Planing