Team Development

Great Teams Are Critical To Business Success


Loxton Consulting Group are team development specialists. We work with all types and levels of teams to improve their operation and performance, including:

  • Intact teams.
  • Cross functional teams.
  • Project teams.
  • Virtual teams.
  • International & multi-cultural teams.
  • Management teams.
  • Senior & board level teams.


Team Development

All teams are
different… so is
our approach.

Our experience is that a one-size solution doesn’t fit all teams. ​Initially, therefore, in order to identify the best approach, we establish where things are today.​
We review the team’s objectives and function, how it contributes to your organisation’s goals, the pressures the team needs to handle, past successes, current and anticipated difficulties, where team members are based and the implications of this, intra and extra team relationships, etc.​
This enables us to recommend how to achieve the results you require.

Workshops To Improve Team Performance​​

We will structure and facilitate a highly focused review of your team’s operation, typically a full day or two and, ideally, conducted offsite. ​ ​

It will consider the realities of the environment within which the team must succeed, and will address, for example: prioritising team objectives, challenges faced, team strengths and development needs, defining strategy, reviewing team operation, internal dynamics, external relationships and stakeholder management. ​

We’ll structure and manage proceedings to involve everyone, focus appropriately and provide interest and variety.​

Examples of our team development workshops: Team Zero and Strategy Workshop​​

analysis to assist in
understanding team
profile, dynamics &
team member

Clearly defined
objectives and a
tailor-made for the
team concerned.

Project Teams

Let us have your project teams before the project starts – please!!! We’ll get them focused, communicating with each other and working together.​
It’s also a great opportunity to ensure that everyone really understands what the project is about and to agree and gain buy-in to important areas such as milestones, strategy, responsibilities, communication and decision making lines.

Senior Management Retreats 2

Senior Team Retreats


We will professionally structure and facilitate your senior team Retreat. Creating the right environment, addressing the objectives agreed and, where required, building in time for use of facilities at the venue chosen.

We can also work with each member of your management team on a 1:1 basis, developing individual and collective team performance.

To talk through your team development requirements please call 6232 2722 or email​.​​