Team Development



One day.


Designed For

Leaders who are responsible for achieving results through a team and wish to create a “high performing” team.​
Appropriate for leaders of all levels, including those leading remote and international teams.

Programme Overview​

This intensive program provides a comprehensive approach to developing a high performing team.
Explaining how to accelerate teams through the predictable stages of team development and building the skills that are critical to effective leadership at each stage.
Additionally, it considers the value and importance of diversity within a team, how to conduct great team meetings, how to develop trust and effective communication within the team and strategies for creating a focused, motivated, self managing and empowered team.
Participants experience, first hand, being part of a developing team during the program and learn from this as they undertake a series of challenging activities. The leadership styles and techniques required to create a high performing team are explored in relation to the developing team, of which they are a part, and their direct application to the working environment is considered.
Includes specialist input, group discussion, analysis of own team performance and leadership behaviour and experiential learning.

Areas Addressed​

Key characteristics and values that differentiate a high performing team.​
The Team Charter – why this is critical and how to develop a relevant one.
Improving, managing and measuring team performance.
Great meetings – preparing and conducting highly effective team meetings.
The predictable stages of team development, how to accelerate the team through each stage and the leadership styles and techniques required.
Recognising and leveraging the strengths and diversity within the team.
Developing and leading international and cross cultural teams. ​
Motivating and empowering your team and creating a self managing team.


To Book Or For More Information​

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Our Programmes Include

Engaging, interactive delivery style.​
​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
Content adjusted to meet your requirements.​​
Your company logo added to our materials.​​
Choice of experienced trainers.​​
We invoice per programme, not per pax.