The Performance Manager


Two days or modular.

Designed For

Leaders of all levels who need to achieve results through others.​
Project managers.​
Professionals who do not have direct leadership responsibility but rely on and wish to influence the performance of others.​
Anyone requiring a performance management training programme.

Programme Overview​

This comprehensive program is designed to develop the skills and confidence required to manage performance. It covers: Goal setting, Coaching, Feedback, Delegation, Motivation, Appraisal and Development. ​
Each of these important topics are explored in detail and practiced so that the skills and confidence are developed to do them well.
A highly participative, workshop-style program involving specialist input, discussion, exploration of skills and techniques, numerous practice opportunities and feedback.

Areas Addressed​

Gaining buy in to different types of objectives, behavioural and task focused.​​
Using the SMART approach to ensure that objectives are robust.​
Aligning objectives with organisational goals.​​
The role and skills of the performance coach.​​
A framework for a successful coaching session.​​
Adjusting your coaching style to address the needs and ability of the coachee.​​
Powerful questioning, exploration, challenging and engaging techniques.​​
Creating a developmental environment through regular, appropriate feedback.​​
Praising and saying thank you in a genuine, motivating, non patronising way.​​
How to say you want things done differently or a change in attitude.​
Delegation: what when and how.​
Motivation: theory and its application, including Gen X, & Y and cultural considerations.​
Reviewing performance: informally and during the appraisal discussion.



To Book Or For More Information​

Please call us at 6232 2722 or email​​​.


Our Programmes Include

Engaging, interactive delivery style.​
​Comprehensive, high quality workbooks.
Content adjusted to meet your requirements.​​
Your company logo added to our materials.​​
Choice of experienced trainers.​​
We invoice per programme, not per pax.


The Performance Manager